The Must Have 14-Day Plan to Burn Up Your 7,000 December Calories

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The Must Have 14-Day Plan for December

The average American will consume over 7,000 calories on Christmas Day, or 4,500 Р5,000 calories more than the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s recommended daily caloric intake. (See the article from ABC News)

Add 3 holiday celebrations at 800-900 calories each and you have 7,000 calories of holiday fun to burn off in December!

Can you burn off those calories with bike rides, and have even more fun?

Of course you can!

We checked out the bicycle ride calorie burn calculator at and here’s a 14-day plan to burn off the December extra calories.

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14-Day Plan to Burn 7,000 Calories


Eat, drink, be merry & RIDE YOUR BIKE!

Join us in January to kick off the official training for the San Diego Century with 105, 67 and 33 mile options on May 21.

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